AYEMM EXPO as our name suggests, we are a company involved in exporting a range of products from India to various countries throughout the Globe. We are into FMCG Food products, Packaging Material, Aluminum Home Foil, Industrial and Domestic Fans and Appliances etc we provide it all. Following are the categories we deal in and the countries we are currently serving. For a better understanding of the businesses AYEMM EXPO is involved in doing!!

Our mission

We AYEMM EXPO deal in Manufacturing, Trading and Distributing FMCG products in both the domestic and international markets. Our primary mission is to provide all stakeholders in the company including our customers a positive experience working with us or consuming our products.
Chefs Choice being our brand, we are highly concerned about the Quality and Taste of our products, while maintaining a clean and hygiene environment. Our brand mission is to be our customers’ favorite brand.

Being an export hub, we aim to provide one stop solution to all our customers’ needs at the best market price possible. Our mission is to deliver excellent service to our customers and fulfilling any need that may arise. 

Our values

To uphold a reputation of integrity and to provide excellence in everything that we do by delivering the highest standards and services to our clients always.

The Brands Values and Guiding Principles are:

• Honesty – Embrace the truth about oneself and the world.

• Transparency – Demonstrate openness and vulnerability.

• Humility – Acknowledge own mistakes and commit to learning.

• Integrity – Say what you think and do what you say.

• Respectfulness – Honor the dignity, inclusion, and diversity of others.

• Fairness – Do what is right based on common principles.

• Responsibility – Make yourself accountable to the community.


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